A story about the concept of life from Shibuya

The concept of life is — where there is a single unit of the cell system that works hand in hand and functions towards and all managed by our brains. The concept of life should be easy and simple, but in reality it is not.

What makes it difficult, complex and sometimes not easy. This also prompted me to think what is the concept or purpose of life?

When people are competing to get luxurious facilities, a decent life and also dignity, what’s next?

The recognition from social and then what next?

illustration by Pinterest

Living with being born in a luxurious hospital, growing with facilities as in first class and also getting recognition, and after that died in an expensive funeral, thus bringing a prestige from other family, colleagues and also etc.


Born — unwanted, from a poor family, living in poverty and shackled by time? a journey that is quite difficult to experience.

The next scenario, maybe being born with a very desirable condition, living properly, struggling to get a recognition, and worth living for being born with a chronicle illness and congenital disease — is a life design that is very special because not everyone has the rare disease and had to struggle with pain there was even no cure until the end.

Then life is a concept like what?

Establish and setting a goals ?

After that what is the goal?

Is it eternal life or fear of death that is supposed to come?

The life cycle is a concept to learn about what is wrong and what is right. We are always faced with choices, even though sometimes there is no choice is a choice, the choice to finally run what should be done.

Human life cycles are varied and patterned, with happy endings, or tragic and even sad endings, again, these are all choices.

So, what is the purpose of life? to be eternal, or we only pursue what we want then let go all of it in the end..



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