Goodbye Shinjuku

illustration by Pinterest

The rain just stopped, but the rainbow is nowhere to be seen

Kawaguchi once existed but disappeared with time

Kawaguchi disappeared with the memories

It seems Kawaguchi embarrassed to ask — walk — and make someone worth leaning on

Kawaguchi has low self-esteem with high insecurity, Kawaguchi is embarrassed to be with someone admires because Kawaguchi has nothing to be proud of, as realizes just is nothing to compare with what Tokyo has

Kawaguchi knew that Tokyo wasn’t for it, Tokyo was worth more to be a diamond than a flower and withered later

Tokyo is worth more than anything, so Kawaguchi had to let it go without a fight

In fact, Kawaguchi realized that Tokyo never had feelings, Tokyo is only compassionate for Kawaguchi’s life

Now they arrived at the Shinjuku intersection for the last time with no harms or sorrow from the past sins, they headed for their departure with a different destination

Kawaguchi didn’t leave a good impression until the end, but Tokyo always made it a journey of life and foolishness that would never be repeated in the future.

the end is a new story that will take us to the next journey - aiudas 2021 *



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