You will heal one day

You will be fine someday, maybe not today, but I’m sure, you will heal oneday

Living with regret drives you to harm yourself.

Life is about the journey to embrace your every single time

It’s ok if you can’t run away from your past

It’s ok to grieve

It’s ok to cry as much as a loud

It’s not your fault, if you can’t go back to yesterday and fix your trauma

It’s not your fault, if you met the wrong people, then messed up with your life

It’s not your fault, if you feel sad and shame of yourself

You need a time

You need a break

You need something to work on until you forget about yesterday

We all have a story untold and let it go, let it be

You only need time to heal and find something that makes you interested with

Keep this on your mind, let the universe works, and no need to rush, be positive and keep going.

I am a warrior 🎗 94:5-6 beyond the boundaries and c'est la vie