The difference between the past and the concept of the future from the past

Lately, I have been wondering and thinking about “what is the definition of the future?”

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to get into my first 17s, grow up to be a teenager, and have beautiful hair. But after I got my 17s, I instead chose another path in life by building a mindset with what if I got my 23s. After I got my 23s, I already thought that if I get my 35s, I will definitely have a, b, c, and other plans.

So now, what is meant by the future?

If the future exists, what is the concept and will it end?

If we think about the future, why do we sometimes always look at someone from their past, about who they were and what mistakes they made so that society judges them for not being able to release them from trauma, and this is unfair.

“Why don’t I learn to treat everything like it’s the last time. My biggest regret is how much I believe in the future.” Jonathan Safran Foer, Very Loud & Very Close

Sometimes when we choose someone to be with, we always worry about who the family is, coming from middle class or high class or bottom society, even though all of that is just an utopian concept based on classification by money.

As for the other things when a person’s race is different, such as he comes from far east or who may have different skin, different hair, and eyes that look big or vice versa. And sometimes this can be a barrier to living together, does this concept still apply when we can only be together when we are truly the same?

When really the same, then why did God give the difference, then?

I grew up from a family background that is even culturally very complex, “like we don’t know where we came from?” surprisingly we are still alive till now, I mean it doesn’t matter where we come from, where are our tribes from, are we hiding about ourselves or where are we from?

I am not a criminal but I am very happy to discuss a concept of difference and I am still looking for a way out of the assumptions. Imagine if we have talked about our future but it must be stopped because there are differences about “our”, from the past such as religion and culture or certain races, why do we exist and then separate?

Don’t start something that you can’t finish

If there is a difference, would you like to embrace it and don’t be messed up with things that you already know that you can’t handle well.

Looking for the downside, if not you can’t see from the other side, then don’t start something that goes against your nature.



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