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Dearest Tokyo,

Happy new year

Thank you for living a good life

Thank you for working hard

Thank you for being a better self

Thank you for seeing, hearing and not ignoring the pain

Keep going the journey of your life, be happy, stay healthy, you have come a long this way and you will learn to fly again and live again

Love, my old self 2021

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The rain just stopped, but the rainbow is nowhere to be seen

Kawaguchi once existed but disappeared with time

Kawaguchi disappeared with the memories

It seems Kawaguchi embarrassed to ask — walk — and make someone worth leaning on

Kawaguchi has low self-esteem with high insecurity, Kawaguchi is embarrassed to…

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They said they understood

They say they want to hear

They say they won’t leave

But it’s all a lie

There Osaka is still standing and smiling with the wound still bleeding

It rains, again and again, Osaka looks sad and dark

Hope is lost and forgets the dream. Osaka just goes on with life and walks aimlessly. When Osaka gets tired, maybe it will understand why it went alone and so far. Osaka only has pills to help come back to life. Osaka is like a zombie who walks tirelessly, and sometimes cries

Even though nothing happened but Osaka was just stuck in the mind

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What weighs you down?

What are you looking for?

What are you waiting for?

What are you planning?

Happy? what are you looking for with happiness?

Did Kawaguchi tell you something about your current feelings?

Does Kawaguchi understand?

Is Kawaguchi waiting for you there?

I do not think so

Forget Kawaguchi and run with your future

You will meet another Kawaguchi someday, don’t wait and let it go, you are too tired to wait for it to come back

“I don’t know what I am thinking. But I am alone. I am trapped in the net of the room. In the net of humans. I think maybe I am drowning in the net of humans.”― Karen Hesse

Illustrated by Pinterest

Sometimes we can’t make a plan according to our life and sometimes…


I am a warrior 🎗 94:5-6 beyond the boundaries and c'est la vie

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